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TOF Helmets


Get rid of boring helmets! Gone are the days that you choose one helmet and drive around with the same look for years.

Cool, subtle, outspoken, stylish, crazy! With our self-developed scooter helmet and skins, you decide what your helmet looks like from now on. How that works? Easy! Choose the right size Base Helmet, add your favorite Skin and create your own unique look. Ready for something new? Our Skins collection is continuously supplemented with new cool designs!

Your helmet. Your style.



The Base Helmet is the base of your TOF Helmet. This jet helmet is available in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL) and is fully tested and certified with the ECE 22.05 quality mark, thus meeting all safety requirements. Our helmets have an exterior of high-quality thermoplastic with a matte 'Charcoal Gray' look.

A so-called sound and air inlet has been taken into account along the edges on the side and top of the exterior. This ensures ventilation on the one hand and a good perception of the ambient noise on the other.

The interior is made of the comfortable Coolmax material, which is known for its optimal moisture regulation and breathability. Coolmax dries quickly, removes unpleasant odors and is easy to maintain. The liner can be easily removed from the helmet and cleaned in the washing machine.

At the bottom of the interior is the chinstrap that is equipped with a Micro-Metric Quick Release Buckle. This system ensures that you can easily loosen and fasten the helmet.

The Base Helmet is standard equipped with a 30% tinted visor with UV protection. The visor is easy to fold in and out, and if desired even completely removable.

The skins are made of high quality lycra (super stretchy) and are manufactured in the Netherlands. The fabric feels wonderfully rich, is water resistant, can take a beating and is super easy to maintain.

You place the skin on the helmet and hook it into the helmet using the strips at the front. Then you also hook the strips on the other end of the skin to the back of the helmet. After this you simply follow the strip along the edge of the helmet to hook it completely into the outside of the helmet.

Made in Holland

TOF Skins are handmade
in the Netherlands

Shipping & returns

Free shipping from €100,-
Delivery within 1 to 2 working days

clean & fresh

The inner lining of
the helmet and the skins
are washable